The Penis Pal penis extender has been scientifically designed for optimal comfort and performance. It has the ability to be adjusted to any penis size, so it does not matter what your starting size is. Penis Pal uses the scientific method of increase by gradual tension. You can stretch your penis for permanent gains of up to 1 inch per month. This can be achieved by wearing the penis extender for between 3 - 6 hours per day.
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With the ultimate male sex toy you will get 3 inserts (butt, vagina, mouth) included in the standard package. The Cock Torch is also very versatile in that it can be used not only for self pleasuring but could also be introduced into couples sex play very easily, much the same way many couples often use vibrators during sex play on the woman.
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This amazing silicon vagina is the perfect companion to keep you warm at night. The silicon vagina is an easy to use male masturbation toy. It comes complete with realistic pubic hair. This male sex toy makes masturbating a whole lot more satisfying than just using your hand.
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She moves, vibrates and has audio. All at adjustable speeds, with a tight hole. Have your spanish girl any time.
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She is always ready, and no complaining. Silicon vagina and anus, free pump!
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The Natalia Doll is a near to human life sized doll that has all the common orifices that a real girl would have, including a mouth, vagina and anal hole. Blow it up for all night action , or can be packed away in a very small compact box. Hours of fun can be enjoyed with this feature packed blow up doll.
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This is a Dual Action Prostate Stimulator, that simultaneously stimulates the prostate gland, also known as the male P spot, and the perineum for an intense prostate orgasm. Prostate Stimulation, or prostate milking, does not only provide sexual excitement, but is actually a beneficial health practice. A few notable benefits of prostate stimulation are:

-Promotes healthy prostate function

-Reduces the build up of prostatic fluid

-Prevents harmful bacteria from clogging prostate ducts
-Improves blood flow to the prostate gland tissue

-Improved urine flow
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7 Penis sleeves (1 weeks supply). Give her the most pleasurable sex by wearing a penis sleeve.
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Vibrating cockring, with 1hr of vibration time. Not only good for increasing pleasure of both partners, but also helps with erection function.
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The vibrating butt plug is the ideal toy for those who love anal pleasure. 10cm insertable length with adjustable speeds to bring you the best anal orgasms.
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The PussyPal vibrator is a variable-speed twirling vibe with an awesome rabbit shaped clitoral stimulator. It features separate controls for the rotation speed and the vibration speed. PussyPal is perfect for beginners but powerful enough to please even the most experienced of users. You've thought about it, read about it, talked to girlfriends about it, and fantasized about it forever. But until now, you haven't found the right vibe that you've felt comfortable experimenting with. Well ladies, the wait is finally over! Make your first intimate encounter a thrilling one with this incredible rotating vibe. It twirls, it twists, and massages deep inside for a mind blowing finish every time.

This item requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

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